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Anthropology: The Anthro.Net database contains thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet: An extensive resource for anthopologists

WWW Virtual Library: A virtual library for anthropology

Cambridge Antrhopology Journal: Ernest Gellner Memorial Issue

Anthropology Biography : This biography website has been developed by the anthropology students at Minnesota State University, Mankato

General Philosophy:

Episteme Links: This is an excellent resource page for those interested in all aspects of philosophy.

Guide to Philosophy: Another good resource page with links to other philosophy sites.

Philosophy around the Web: A philosophical gateway to the Internet.

Lives: A comprehensive biographical resource page dealing with philosophers and other important personages.

The Philosophy of Science Association: The official website of the PSA.


The Nationalism Project: The site is edited in consultation with a committee of experts in the field.

Nationalism Studies at Edinburgh: The University's Graduate School of Social and Political Studies examines the subject area of nationhood, nationality and nationalism systematically and comparatively.

Nations and Nationalism: The Journal of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism.

Nationalism links: This page is about the way academics, analysts and theorists approach the phenomenon of nationalism. It includes some general sources such as literature lists.


Karl Popper: The Karl Popper Website.

Bernard Lonergan: The offical Website of the Canadian theologian Bernard Lonergan.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Brain Carver's site on Wittgenstien

Ludwig Wittgenstein: John Siebenbaum's site on Wittgenstien

Islam and Africa:

The North Africa Journal: Journal of North Africa

Middle East Studies Assocation: The website of the Middle East Studies Association

The Middle East North Africa Internet Resource Guide: An excellent resouce site for Middle East and North African studies.


Nationalism and Ethnic Politics

Ethnic and Racial Studies